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Directions for Use

Welcome to the YWCA Retirement Fund Benefit Estimator.

This portion of the website, known as the Benefit Estimator is made available to the public but is intended for use by participants in the YWCA Retirement Fund.

To obtain an estimate of your future retirement benefits, fill in the fields and adjust the sliders to reflect the variables which will grow your account until you choose to take your benefit.

The Estimator does not require a login, passwords or security questions and answers. You cannot directly access your account or the information contained in your account. The YWCA Retirement Fund does not record the information that you are about to enter.

You cannot save the results that you model but you may print out what is on the screen. With Internet Explorer Version 9, if Compatibility View is not selected, only the first item in the drop down list will be printed instead of the selected value. On the screen, the values will still show properly.

Legal Disclaimer

This Estimator gives you a simple, rough estimate of what your YWCA Retirement Fund account may look like based upon the input you supply. It is not a precise calculator of the actual benefit that you will receive. Estimator output will vary from the actual benefit you may get in the future due to:

The YWCA Retirement Fund does not incur any obligation for your use of the Benefit Estimator, for your interpretation of the results, or for the Benefit Estimator's application to any use for which it was not intended.

Please call the Fund for all actual benefit options at 1-800-222-4738.